Community Education Awards at Mountbatten CCC

The Foundation, working together with Mountbatten CCC established the Lim Hoon Foundation Community Education Awards ("Mountbatten LH-CE Awards") in June 2015. The objective of the Mountbatten LH-CE Awards is to support, strengthen and encourage all-rounded achievement of students who come from challenging backgrounds. This is consistent with the Foundation's general mission to empower those in the "sandwiched" group of students and is also complementary to the Foundation's Community Education Awards at Jurong Spring CCC. The Foundation looks forward to building a strong working relationship with the Mounbatten CCC and its grassroots leaders.

Eligibility Criteria +

  1. Full-time students in primary, secondary school, junior college/pre-university or ITE.
  2. Singapore Citizens and Mountbatten residents.
  3. Demonstrate determination and drive to achieve all-rounded development, (including but not restricted to) :
    • Leadership skills
    • Achievements or contributions in non-academic fields such as community service, sports and the Arts
    • Good character
    • Drive to improve in studies
  4. Demonstrated financial needs.

Tenure and benefits of the award +

  1. It will benefit 75-85 recipients annually.
  2. This programme has an initial term of 5 years.